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We are a Professional Drywall, Painting, & General Contracting Company.

Professional Drywall Installation & home remodeling experts can also install drywall in your new construction home or addition to the existing one. We will first prepare the space for drywall installation by covering plumbing and electrical lines with proper insulation and covering wires with cover tape. We then apply a sheet of drywall to the walls, along with some padding. We can put an extra panel under your drywall to make it level with the others. Once we have finished drying the wall, we will now secure it using screws.

Drywall installations are very different from the wallpaper. You must take special care when covering the walls with plywood. It is not recommended to use plywood on the walls, as this can cause the wall to crack. In order to protect your wall from water damage, you must ensure that the drywall panels are attached to a stud. You can place drywall over the wall and overlap it slightly. This will give you adequate protection against moisture.

A drywall installation near me can be accomplished using either drywall cement or drywall paint. Most contractors recommend using drywall cement as this allows the wall to dry faster. If you choose to go for paint, you should have it dry cleaned and repainted at least once or twice. If you choose to use a drywall cement, you must ensure that the drywall is completely dried before starting the job. You can also choose to use drywall paint if you wish. Either option, both options are guaranteed to make your home look great!

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You May have made a quick search on Google “drywall repair near me” and came across this page, which is great because now your in the best hands. 

You don’t always need Drywall Installation, but when you do, you need the best in town and you need it now. We offer free quotes and easy payment plans for larger operations. Every phone number on this website is click to call because we believe make everything easy & convenient for 100% customer satisfaction. There are many reasons that people need drywall services. From a leak in the ceiling to a hole in the wall.

We are experienced and highly skilled tradesmen who look forward to serving all customers every single day. Most of us are certified contractors are experts in our trade and are very knowledgeable in hanging & finishing drywall.

With our professional service, you can rest assured that you will be getting a great value for money. Many people will give us a call because they feel comfortable with us and they know that we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that our customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed. Give us a call now to see what we can do for you and all of your home remodeling needs. 

Inspect & Quote

It is not very professional for a Drywall Contractor to give a quick quote over the phone with out even seeing the job you need done first. If this is the case, they will more than likely tell you they need more money after the job is completed because they miscalculated the quote over the phone. 

Of course, there are exceptions. If you have a simple hole in the wall we know the average price for a hole patch. 

We take Covid 19 very serious, and want you to know that we will take extra precautions when working in your home of place of business while wearing our ppe. 

With that said, you can give us a call so we can ask a few questions and get more information about the job you need done and send us some pictures so we can give you a price a quick as possible. 

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Drywall Delivery

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We will bring and deliver the Sheetrock discussed in our meeting. whether it was 5/8 12 x 4 Drywall or 1/2 4 x 8 Sheetrock.

Drywall is one of the most important steps in the construction process, in some Texas counties during a new construction it must be installed according to the county regulations. When it comes time to delivering your materials you want to know that drywall is going to be safe and sound for your drywall repair. You need a drywall company like us that you can trust, and that will protect the integrity and life of the drywall and ensure that your home is not affected by any leaks or breaks in the wall.

Drywall should be protected from any accidental breakage during delivery so that you do not have to replace it after it has already been installed. When you use drywall, you want it to be able to withstand all types of weather conditions and be able to withstand any changes in temperature. Most people do not realize that drywall has a very high R-value, which means that it will last for years with little maintenance required. We always look for experience, we have one of our drywall contractor Honolulu. All of our Sheetrock has been inspected and certified prior to leaving the shop and before before we install the drywall in your home. This allows us to pinpoint any issues and provide you with advice on how to maintain the drywall.

Inspecting and delivering drywall is an integral part of making sure that your home is in the best condition possible. Know that when you hire us your getting experienced experts in drywall installation.


Installing insulation is not just for the purpose of protecting our home from outside weather, it also adds to the overall value of your home, as it can significantly increase its resale value, especially if it was spray foam insulation. The cost of insulating your home depends on the type of insulation you use, and the more insulation you have installed the higher your value will be, but you don’t have to pay top dollar to have the right insulation for your home.

There are several ways to install insulation, but one way that is best is with a foam board system. This is basically what it sounds like, but what it does is it fills in spaces between the wall, ceiling and floor with foam and then prevents heat from escaping through the walls, ceiling and floor. This makes your home more comfortable during the colder months and less hot during the summer. You will also find that your heating bills are reduced because of the increase in energy efficiency. Foam boards are made from different materials and are used to insulate different areas of your home.

Installing a foam board, or spray foam system can save you a ton of money over the years, but there is still the expense of having it installed by professionals. Professional installation is an option, and it is worth considering if you feel like it is necessary. It is a great idea to have the insulation installed by professional installers who have the equipment and experience.


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Drywall Installation

Installing drywall on your own is usually not a very good idea, as there are several important steps you need to take if you want to ensure a safe and successful installation. For example, most people do not know how much drywall they need to use, and it can be dangerous if you are not skilled enough to perform the task yourself. Whether replacing an entire room or building a house from scratch, drywall installation is often used for wall installation. Concerning costs, some contractors charge per sheet, some by the foot.

Let’s say you have a whole room that needs drywall installed, walls and ceiling. The room is 16 x 8 (16 ft long, 8 ft high) = 128 sqft. There are also 4 walls, 128 x 4 = 512 for all 4 walls, and 16 x 4 for the ceiling = 64 sqft.
Take 64 + 512 = 576 and multiple this by the rate of the contractor, most charge $3 per square foot.
You’re looking at $1,728.00 to $2,000 to Hang, Tape, Bed, and Paint & Texture the room.

Drywall is made up of two materials; wood and fiber cement. The wood is glued to the cement, while the fiber cement is applied to the surface of the drywall. Although some people prefer to use wood because it looks more appealing, there is no denying the advantages of fiber cement when it comes to wall building. Fiber cement does not look like real wood, and it is stronger than wood, which makes it a better choice for long-term wall installation. Also, it is quite easy to apply, making it ideal for beginners. Even for professionals, drywall installation can be a bit tricky, as they have to be able to determine how much is actually needed to complete their project and what kind of finish and color to get for the finished product.

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Tape and Bed

The tape & bed process is when we tape all the splits of the drywall / sheetrock. We always tell people like yourself who want to do it them selves to keep each coat to a minimum.

In other words, ordinary drywall is tape and two coats then sand. Better to pull the mud tight on each coat even if it means an extra coat of mud.

Also, we take a six inch knife and some thinned down mud and pull a tight coat over the top and bottom of those seams instead of sanding them. You’ll just fuzz up the paper too much if you grind the edges.

Plastering & Finishing

Drywall Plastering is a process where water, drywall and glue will be mixing to make a smooth surface for the wall to be placed on. We call this MUD. This can be done with water and glue, but it can also be done with water alone without the need for glue. A very common type of plastering is what is referred to as wet plaster which is when you apply water to the drywall and then you apply glue to it to make a smooth finish.

There are a couple of different types of plastering that will be discussed in this article. The most common is called tiling plastering where you use a sheet of drywall or board to make a surface that you can tile on. The other type is called drywall plaster where the troweled out material that will be used to work on the plaster is made from a type of plastering material. You can also use a mixture of both of these two types of plastering to create a different look on your walls.

We like to plaster pushing up to make a key, which is like a hook that goes through the lath to lick plaster back. Too much pushing and you can loos it. Once this is done we do one more coat and let the wall dry and do another finish coat for perfection. 

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Painting Drywall

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Drywall Prices

Before using a drywall coating, it is essential to prepare the area with at least one layer of primer and paint when painting inside. It is advisable to use PVA or polyvinyl acetate primer to prepare the bare or freshly painted areas of your drywall. Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) is a high-performance acrylic primer that bonds with the topmost layer of the drywall, and unlike oil-based and latex primers, it does not leave any streaks on the finished drywall surface. It also helps seal and smooth the finish of the paint. Polyvinyl Acetate is a synthetic resin that is highly effective for applying a durable finish to vinyl, PVC and metal materials. This kind of drywall primer can also help to improve the appearance of painted areas of a room by creating an even surface.

It attaches to the surface evenly and provides the surface with a smooth finish, unlike wood primer which forms an invisible film on the painted surface and in turn reduces the overall effectiveness of the paint. Because PVA penetrates deeply into the drywall, it improves the bond between the primer and the drywall and it also strengthens the bond between the primer and the paint or paper. Primer also makes it easier to remove the paint or paper when it is time to apply the second coat. This is because it gives the paint or paper a smooth surface before it is applied, which is how we create perfect interior painting for your home and establishment.

Keep in mind that Burleson Drywall Contractors does high quality work. The last thing you want to do is hire a super cheap laborer that will end up costing you in the future. One time we had a potential commercial client turn us down to hire a cheaper contractor. Lo & behold we get a call weeks later. All the paint was peeling off of the walls, with tons of overspray all over the windows, it was a mess. It ended up costing them a lot more than our initial quote just to fix the mess.